Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Love Of God Displayed

I was going to write a poem about the title of this blog as its first entry, and it may be fittingly so. But then after I read through all the poems in my collection I thought it would be nice to place in the most unique of my poems. It is the happiest-sounding poem that I have in the collection of my surviving logs.

I wrote this poem in the botanical garden sometime after I met someone I never thought of meeting ever again. I had said goodbye to this friend seven years ago when I left the place where I was born to go and be equipped for service and to where God leads me.

Too many goodbyes in such a short number of years, that is why it is hard to describe my joy and gratefulness to God for this encounter. These mere words were an attempt to capture what a nearly bursting heart is trying to contain in the happiest moment of my life as memory can recall.

To my God who loves me, to my friend whom God used to bring me such joy.

2008:03:08:1032H - SAT-1ED

Rolling meadows beautiful trees,
Sun on my back and refreshing breeze,
Sounds of laughter as children played,
A glimpse of heaven, Eden that stayed.

Oh the beauty of what God creates,
If only sleeping eyes would finally wake,
To chirping birds on a glassy lake,
Behold the love of God displayed!